When using Google Maps, or any WordPress plugin that utilizes Google’s mapping service, you probably have no difficulty recognizing the difference between Satellite and Roadmap views. The viewer is given the option to switch back and forth between them with a control object which is made visible when the map’s maptypecontrol parameter is set to “true”.

There are other parameters that turn features on or off depending on whether they are set to “true” or “false”. For instance:  addmarkermashupbubble, bubbleautopan, directionhint, draggable, pancontrol, poweredby, scalecontrol, scrollwheelcontrol, showbike, showpanoramio, showtraffic, tiltfourtyfive, zoomcontrol, etc.

You can guess what most of these do, and are encouraged to experiment with different combinations to see what would work best on your web page.

These options are just the tip of the iceberg, however. We’ll touch on them briefly and look at some others the next time WordPress-Saratoga Meetup has a session about Mapping Plugins.

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  1. Thanks Roberto, you are the first to get back to me. A listing of wineries hadn’t crossed my mind yet, but I’m sure they are also greatly anticipating the event. Their locations could be displayed on a Bay Area map, cross referenced under food & entertainment. Regarding Lyft, Uber, and perhaps Sidecar, an explanation of services provided by them would of course go into the transportation category. We’d have to be inclusive and expect to get financial support from only those wanting something extra. That could be our niche, or just part of a package. Let’s continue to discuss this online or someplace at or between 95112 & 95125. My schedule is open right now, so you can name the place and I’ll be there.

  2. Hey Gary,

    We were talking about opportunities surrounding the Super Bowl at this month’s Meetup. Wanted to drop you a note to say that one thing that might be of value to our visitors is an up-to-date concise list of wineries that are local (i.e. Santa Clara, Los Gatos & San Jose). I have some first hand experience at several of them. Would wineries pay to be featured on such a site? What about Lyft or Uber? One challenge will of course be getting noticed in such a short span of time. Just thinking out loud. Have you had any interesting ideas of your own or from other Meetup members?

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