WordPress Mapping Plugins

This presentation takes about an hour. Afterward, we’ll open for Q & A and take on any challenges to our understanding of WordPress, but feel free to interrupt at anytime asking for clarification of any WordPress concept.

Join meetup.com/wordpress-saratoga and/or meetup.com/wordpress-milpitas to be advised of our meetups on the first and last Thursdays of the month.


  • Welcome/password
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Survey (Beginner or Advanced)?
  • wp.com vs wordpress.org <- from Blogging to CMS*
  • Introductions:
    1. How did you become involved working with WordPress?
    2. What kind of help would you like to get from our group?
    3. What kind of help can you give to our group?

* A more extensive description of CMS can be found on Wikipedia

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