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02) Sessions

  1. A Full Stack WordPress Project Workflow – Jon Trujillo
  2. A Slack Bot SAAS Built On WordPress – Jon Shumate
  3. An Introduction to WooCommerce – Cat Scholz
  4. Best Practices For Creating Content – Cristina Robinson
  5. Building A Cloud Service Into Your Plugin – Mark Tilly
  6. Building A Learning Platform With WordPress – Kim Shivler
  7. Building Custom WordPress Themes With Sass – Matt Vanderpol
  8. Creating An Active Project Management Process – Tirzah M. Johnson
  9. Creating Themes With Atomic Design – Carrie Forde
  10. Customizing Beaver Builder For Third Party Themes And Client Sites – Justin Busa
  11. Debugging The Website Money Maker – Ben Ilfeld
  12. Developer First Design: Make Design Great Again – Ozzy Rodriguez
  13. Falling In Love With Flexbox – Sallie Goetsch
  14. Five Steps To Launching Your Podcast Using WordPress – Jonathan Denwood
  15. Five Things You’ll Discover About Yourself As You Blog Consistently – Chris Lema
  16. Freelance To Agency: Peaks And Pitfalls Of Growth – Kevin Howe
  17. Leveraging Partnerships To Increase Sales And Grow Your Business – Colin Dowling
  18. Local WordPress Development With Docker – Tate Barber
  19. Making Multisite Work For You – Ben Byrne
  20. Profitable Website Development: The Oreo Cookie Strategy – James Hipkin
  21. Rediscover Theme Settings With The Customizer – Anthony Skelton
  22. Scaling WordPress With Load Testing – Jason Cosper
  23. Taking The Yoast SEO Plugin To The Next Level – David McCormick
  24. The Dos And Don’ts Of BuddyPress – Michael Kuhlmann
  25. The Loop And WP_Query() – Michael Shores
  26. Tips And Tricks For Debugging Like A Pro – Vasken Hauri
  27. Using A Content First Design Process – Dawn Pedersen
  28. Web Performance: Three Stages To Success – Austin Gil
  29. WooCommerce Custom Product Types – Timofey Rytikov
  30. WordPress And Git – Treighton Mauldin
  31. WordPress And The Enterprise – Anca Mosoiu

10) Dedicated Sales People

5 people
no balance between resources and demand
nobody buys immediately – even if sales cycle is short, they start at top of pipeline
top of the funnel, then have to work down – there’s a buyers journey that takes place, never instantaneous

11) Existing Client

bidding on a project might take days, weeks, months

meet someone for pizza, ten minutes later they’re a client!

help a client on that journey to keep the pipeline full

there’s work that still needs to be done, is there another project you guys can use me on?

17) Social Media

Twitter or Facebook – reinforcing the sale after the fact
think or agree to work with you will look at profile to get further confidence in their decision
not reliable for sales

21) Getting Real – What business are you in?

How many of you have a real specialty? Most Devs: AFAB (funny and sad)
Most successful developers, designers, agencies, have a specific sector or specific segment that they FOCUS in on.

chicken or the egg – the reason they are successful is because they’ve gotten good at something specific so that people think of them for that, and they’ve avoided being in the anything-for-a-buck business.

24) Work To Be FIRST On the List

The only way to break out of now is to offer yourself as a specialist:

No one else likes to do migrations. It’s ugly, it’s unfortunate, there’s QA.

They found this place and decided to do this. It’s turned out to be a nice business. They built tools, they built scripts, and it’s worked out well. Is it sexy? Of course not; but they have a growing business.

Chris Lema – Enterprise Solutions
10 Up – High-tech publishers

high traffic sites with deep pockets

Mode Effect – Loves working with non-profits.

26) Building a Partner Network

recognize your own specialization
being the best in the world (not necessarily the entire world)

  • Denver
  • Ft Collins
  • Sacramento
  • Vancouver
  • Boulder
  • Colorado Springs
  • non-profits
  • high-traffic sites
  • ecommerce
  • custom templates

Let the “world” grow as you grow.
Start small but be the best. 1st choice.

27) What business should you be in?

best clients have in common?
profit well – client you can’t wait to get rid of, but need the revenue
highest margin clients, the work that challenges you?

Amazon Web Services – deploy cloud environment
so highly customized, keeps engineers engaged – client launches live, never hear from again. All margin, no call-ins for support – they’re happy for that.

30) Identifying Partners

Ecosystem – part where people check out; there’s some work involved

Who provides complimentary services? what will make your work look even better

introduce them to someone who can expand their catalog, then come back to the developer.

Who do you already know, what do you admire about them?

I know this person does good work, can take care of my clients.

Who would you like to know for mutually beneficial relationship?

Never a shortage of people willing to learn what you do, learing to work together.

  • developers
  • seo firms
  • designers
  • content providers – blog posts
  • marketers
  • ad tech companies
  • other CMS
  • legacy .net
  • tech providers & hosts