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0) UX for Theme Development

Presenting a number of strategies for creating a meaningful site-visitor experience
beyond just usability.

This is brief – you don’t need to know everything (satisfice = satisfy + suffice):

  1. Don’t Make Me Think
  2. Muddling through the Web
  3. Billboard Design 101
  4. mindless choices
  5. needless words
  6. Navigation
  7. Home page
  8. Arguments
  9. Usability testing

define, build, measure

iterate, iterate, iterate, etc., etc…

The first UX skill anyone learns is to shift their thinking from the requirements of the system and business to the experience of the user. ~Jared M. Spool

Target Audience

  • Demographic
    • age
    • ethnicity
    • gender
    • income
    • location
    • marital status
  • Psychographic
    • attitudes
    • behaviors
    • hobbies
    • interests
    • lifestyle
    • values


  • abandon a very slow website
  • website froze or crashed
  • purchase could not complete on first attempt
  • tried to access a website that was down temporarily
  • purchase, apparently completed, actually didn’t go through


01) Don’t Make Me Think

Web Design (and internet marketing success) is tied to this idea:

Humans Love Convenience



Interface Techniques

  1. Elements on demand
  2. Specialized controls
  3. Shadows around modal windows
  4. Empty states that tell you what to do
  5. Pressed button states
  6. Sign-up page links from the log-in page
  7. Context-sensitive navigation
  8. More emphasis on key functions
  9. Embedded video


04) mindless choices

It doesn’t matter how many times I have to click, as long as each click is a mindless, unambiguous choice. -Steve Krug’s Second Law of Usability

wide site = fewer levels



deep site = fewer options at each level


06) Navigation

Navigational Menus – position in the header or along left or right-hand side, or even in the footer of the site.

Street signs: Up & Horizontal

Who wants to talk to you?

Page Name should match what was clicked.

Scope of Search

  • whole site
  • part
  • whole Web


Tabs: Every browser has them; how about your theme?

Dropdown Menus / Pulldowns: Good (conserve real estate) & Bad (too twitchy!)


  1. Site ID?
  2. Page name?
  3. Welcome Blurb?
  4. Major sections/subsections?
  5. Local navigation?
  6. Location indicators?
  7. Search?