04) Theme 2013

Theme twentythirteen uses a display area up to 1600px before it adds margins to the page.

The header displays in the default layout. Three images are included: circle, star, and diamond. (Curiously, each of these PNGs is 3200 pixels wide, but does not take much file space.)

The menu bar shows the pages, but not the home page which is accessed by clicking on the title.

Search is an icon aligned right on the menu bar, and the second search is in navigation which is always below the posts, above the footer.

Post title text is a serified font.

Theme 2013 (wide)

Narrow the window, and navigation goes from 4 columns to 3.

Theme 2013 (medium 1)

Two columns for navigation.

Theme 2013 (medium 2)

One column for navigation, and the list of pages in the menu bar can be seen by clicking the  drop-down button.

Theme 2013 (narrow)


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