03) Theme 2012

Activating the next theme, twentytwelve, shows some javascript in action. The menu bar of pages is replaced by a button that will show the available pages when you click it. Compare this feature to that of twentyeleven which would wrap the string of page links to the next line if it didn’t fit the narrow width.

A header image is not part of the default layout, but can be added easily.

Did you notice that the title and subtitle are aligned center? (Although the footer , not visible here, is always aligned left.)

Also, the text string below the post is different, with the Edit link appended to it.

Theme 2012 (narrow)

Widen the page and the W link reappears in the admin bar, the page menu bar expands out of its button, and the navigation goes to the side. Notice the footer beginning to show.

Theme 2012 (medium)

Full width is 1000px, beyond which the margins expand to fill the window.

Theme 2012 (wide)


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