02) Theme 2011

Theme 2011

Title and subtitle in upper right.

There are links to all the pages in the menu bar. Home page defaults to the stack of the posts, most recent at top. Here, in our virgin installation, there is only the one.

Notice that there are two search boxes.

The number of comments shows in an iconic balloon, and in the string “Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Reply” below the post.

Navigation side-panel is to the right.

The string “Proudly powered by WordPress” is centered in the footer.

All of the text font is sans serif.

The header image rotates through a group of eight JPGs located at the end of this path:  twentyeleven > images > headers

Log-in as Administrator, and you will see a bar with icon and text hot-links appear at the top. There is also an edit button to the lower right of each post.

Theme 2011 edit

The header image will shrink gradually as you narrow the page. At  a certain width, the layout changes. Navigation goes from the side to below the posts.

Theme 2011 (medium)

Shrink the page width more and the admin bar shows only icons. Shrink more and the W icon disappears and next the font size decreases.

Theme 2011 (small)


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