1.1 Why use a Child Theme?

At the very minimum, a WordPress Theme consists of at least two files, plus an optional¬†1200×900 image to suggest the theme’s design :

  • style.css
  • index.php
  • screenshot.png

A child theme can be even simpler because it inherits the functionality and styling of
a parent theme. It can be done with one file that imports the parent style.css.

  • style.css

But the current best practice is to use a functions.php that enqueues the parent style.css file:

  • style.css
  • function.php
  • screenshot.png

Child themes are the best way to make major modifications to an existing theme. *

  • ensure modifications are preserved
  • speed up development time
  • learn about WordPress theme development

* minor modifications to style can be done using the theme’s Customize feature.