02) WordPress and the Ten Year Itch – Siobhan McKeown

It’s been ten years since the first release of WordPress, and even longer since its predecessor, b2, caught the eye of a small group of bloggers.

Thousands of lines of code have been written, hundreds of hours have been spent in online discussions, and many, many itches have been scratched.

This presentation is the story of the itch.

It will travel back through time to trace the itch, from the very first scratcher, to the people who caught the itch, until it became contagious and hundreds of people were scratching furiously and somehow they solved a problem for millions of people all over the world.


Siobhan McKeown

Siobhan McKeown is a Word Ninja at Audrey Capital where she writes about WordPress, deals with documentation, and has nightmares about the Codex.

She’s currently working on an open source book about the history of WordPress.

She spends her days delving into the brains of its early developers and community members.

When she’s not worrying about the finer details of forking and the GPL, she’s helping out with the project’s future by wrangling WordPress’ documentation.

In her spare time, she writes and edits for Smashing Magazine, eats, reads, and creates huge amounts of mess and chaos.