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Wordpress-Saratoga #38 – February 12, 2015

– Posting –

  • Jan: New To WordPress?: Here’s How to Get Started
  • Feb: Creating and Using Posts, Categories & Tags
    • POSTS are timely and can be categorized & assigned tags
    •  Let’s talk about not just how to post, but also how the PHP Miami Dolphins Jerseys makes it happen.
    • And we’ll look at ways a theme influences the presentation of KONKURS your posts.
    • If you have yet to install Version 4.1 from onto your server, experts will be standing Gyro by to answer your questions.
  • Mar: Creating and Using Pages & Templates
    • PAGES are organized hierarchically and are constructed to present Contents the relatively timeless information of your website.
    • How to From create pages and add links to cheap MLB jerseys them in the menu.
    • Templates are the files which take information from Time! the database and wholesale NBA jerseys in combination arrange the HTML pages to be displayed in the browser.

04) Add New Post

Add New Post in theme TwentyTen

Show on screen

  • Author
  • Categories
  • Comments
  • Discussion
  • Excerpt
  • Featured Image
  • Format
  • Likes and Shares
  • Revisions
  • Send Trackbacks
  • Slug
  • Tags
  • Writing Helper

Screen Layout

  • Number of Columns: 1 or 2
  • Enable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality.
Add New Post in theme TwentyThirteen

08) Cats & Tags


Arid Gardening

Categories are assigned to a post in a methodical, organized, and structured way.

Tags are a more casual way to relate these otherwise arbitrary posts to each other. Tags have no hierarchy; there’s no relationship from one Tag to another.

11) Theme Support for Formats

theme support

theme files twentytwelve

Theme Twentyfifteen only has the template for displaying link post formats. It is used for both single and index/archive/search. The styling in its CSS pertains to all of the formats:

2015 css
from style.css of theme twentyfifteen

Theme authors define what formats they support, and they should style those formats appropriately. Before version 3.1, categories were used in arbitrary ways to show different formats.

Some standardization by theme authors is expected. For instance, Asides should not display a title. Galleries should display a photo on the left hand side with the title shortened and to the right. Long format posts should have a double line underneath them.

If your theme takes advantage of these Post Formats, you will have any easy way to display each format with a unique style.