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01) Multisite

The multi-user feature has been rolled into core as Multisite ever since version WordPress 3.0.

It is ideal for a central system administrator to set up a large network of blogs with one installation.

Individual, separate site administrators are able to securely manage their templates and settings without affecting the other users.

07) Registration


Allow new registrations

  • Registration is disabled – all usernames and sites must be created by the Super Administrator.
  • User accounts may be registered using your signup page but sites need to be created by the Super Administrator.
  • Logged in users may register new sites.
  • Both sites and user accounts can be registered.

Add New Users

  • By default, Site Administrators cannot add new users to sites via the “Users > Add New” page.

12) For More Info

Making Multisite Work for You

Sunday, May 21, 2017, 1:00 PM

Tech Liminal 3.0
344 Thomas L. Berkley Way Oakland, CA

8 WordPress junkies Attending

Whether used for a vast and loose affiliation of local chapter websites or a closely-held pool of topical blogs, WordPress Multisite can be an efficient and effective tool — provided it’s done right.In this session, we’ll review this sometimes-esoteric technology and highlight appropriate use cases for leveraging it (as well as go over when to avo…

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