30) WordPress: It’s Made of People! – Amy Hendrix

Every open-source project is built on a community of passionate users and contributors, and WordPress is no exception.

But many would-be contributors aren’t sure where to start, or even if they’re qualified to try.

Every one of our hundreds of contributors started as an ordinary WordPress fan who was driven to give something back to the project.

In this session, I’ll introduce you to some of the ways you can get involved with the community no matter what your interests or skills.

You’ll hear the stories of some of the WordPress community’s stars (and hidden gems), and get concrete tips on how to develop your skills to contribute more in the future.

Getting involved with the community is the best way I know to increase your WP skills, grow your network, and give something back to the WP world.

This session is intended for anyone who knows and loves WordPress, but who isn’t sure how to take the next step.

Amy Hendrix

Amy Hendrix has been building websites since 1996, and working with WordPress since 2008.

She is a freelance plugin and theme developer, a WP core contributor, and an all-around open-source enthusiast.

If you’ve spent any time at all talking to her, she’s probably already tried to talk you into contributing.

Amy lives in Durham, NC, where she splits her non-internet time between fencing and the never-ending search for the perfect beer/cheese pairing.