3) Terminology

category – to access a limited set of posts

class – identifies the style to use in the HTML markup

class – the uninstantiated object in object oriented progamming (OOPS)

directory – what you see as a folder in your GUI, can be referred to as a “directory” in your command-line interface

footer – bottom of the web page

GUI – Graphical User Interface, pronounced goo•ey

head – the HTML tag inside a web page holding data not displayed

header – the top part of a web page

hook – a place in core code made accessible to themes

id – an identifier in CSS like class, but unique within the web page

index – points to an element of an array

index – the first HTML (or PHP) file sought within a directory

mapping – using a domain you own to access your wp.com blog

masking – an extreme form of mapping

menu – list of links to pages or a category of posts

navigation – menus to other places in a web site

page – a “post” of the post type page

permalink – a custom url structure, the permanent link to individual posts

plugin – a file added to a theme usually to provide widget(s)

post – a single item of “content” stored in the wp_posts database table, which is one of the five types: post, page, attachment, revision, nav_menu_item

post – a “post” of the post type post

sanitize – author name, category, and postname get sanitized in permalinks by having spaces replaced with hyphens.

selector –  – in CSS, the rule set with declaration blocks (property name & value) pointing to the HTML element to style

sidebar – navagation links, to the right or left

slug – a user-friendly short text used in a permalink

style – in CSS, a rule consisting of selectors, and declaration blocks

tag – an element of the HTML markup language

tag – used like a category (but without hierarchy) to provide more detail to a post

tag, template – PHP function that instructs WordPress to “do” or “get” something

template – a PHP file controlling the structure of part of the web page

theme – a collection of templates creating the look & feel (design) of the website

UTC – Coordinated Universal Time is a “time standard” and not a time zone like Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) but, in practice, share the same current time

widget – provided by plugins to give extra function & structure



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