28) How WordPress Helped Me Learn Android Development – Will Norris

The greatest job in the world is the one where you get paid to do what you love.

But even in the best situation, your job or school studies often won’t allow you to explore everything you want to learn, or tackle every problem you want to solve.

Contributing to open source projects provides an opportunity to try new things with a level of freedom and focus you won’t find anywhere else.

This session will explore what led me to start contributing to WordPress for Android, and why I think it’s such an important project, both to me personally and as part of the larger WordPress family.

Will Norris

Will Norris is an engineer in Google’s Open Source Programs Office, helping to keep open source software flowing in and out of Google.

He has been involved with WordPress since 2007, contributing plugins and core patches mostly related to authentication and distributed social networking.

After spending several years on rather ambitious social networking projects, he now focuses on issues of data ownership for a decidedly smaller audience.

Most recently he has worked with the WordPress Mobile team as an external contributor on WordPress for Android.