26) Beyond the Blog with BuddyPress and bbPress – John James Jacoby

Since May 22, 2004, WordPress users have enjoyed the ability to customize their sites with a beautiful bevy of plugins.

Of the 25k plugins currently available for download in the WordPress.org Plugins repository, BuddyPress and bbPress are perhaps the two with the most far reaching goals; to transform a site into a bustling community with just a few clicks.

In this session, I’ll be showcasing some of my favorite BuddyPress and bbPress installations.

I’ll explain what makes them great, why I think they’ve succeeded, and provide tips and tricks you can implement to take your BuddyPress and bbPress powered site far beyond the blog.

John James Jacoby

Master of Alliteration at Automattic.

Vince Glortho of WordPress.com VIP.

Bee Keeper of BuddyPress and bbPress.

Father and friend to Paul the Puppy.

Cutter of Records; Shifter of Gears.