25) Custom Tailoring the WordPress Admin Experience – Helen Hou-Sandi

Over time, the WordPress admin has grown in complexity as the software itself has become more powerful and features have been added.

While I also believe that we can address that in core, clients will always be best served by evaluating their specific workflow needs and custom tailoring the admin to fit.

I will explore some case studies to give an overview of what they needed and what we did to give them their own WordPress-powered content publishing experience.

Helen Hou-Sandi

Helen Hou-Sandi is the Director of User Interface Engineering at 10up, working closely with the team and the WordPress project at large to create high-quality content management experiences.

She also works on 10up’s internal projects and initiatives and is a guest committer to WordPress core.

When she’s not developing with WordPress, Helen can be found playing piano or exploring Jersey City with her husband and son.