20) Bridging the Chasm: Working with Non-Technical Stakeholders – Grant Landram

A anecdotal overview of the pitfalls a technical person may encounter when working with non-technical stakeholder, whether that be clients or colleagues.

Among other things the talk would likely cover how to identify a stakeholders true knowledge, actions to avoid, actions to take, and some fun stories of my biggest failures.

The target audience is likely semi- to fully-technical designers, developers, or business owners working with clients or teams that are not fully technical.

Grant Landram

Grant is a Seattle based front end developer and project manager with half a decade of experience working exclusively with WordPress as a CMS for his clients.

Grant began his career as a freelancer building small WordPress sites, and has since led a variety of teams responsible for large WordPress projects for mid to enterprise sized clients around the world, including a hand full of fortune 500s.

A bit of a neophile, Grant’s passions include usability, marathon running, busking, and feverishly denying he grew up in the Midwest.

Reach out and chat with Grant on Twitter, @grantlandram or read more online at blog.grantlandram.com.